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Canadian Turkish Friendship Community (CTFC) created significant interest and enthusiasm with its winter camp held at Brantford Best Western Hotel from December 23-26, 2023. The event brought together valuable members of CTFC and provided an unforgettable experience through conferences and discussions led by experts in the field.

Conferences presented by prominent figures such as Ali Ünsal, Cansun Sarıyıldız, İsmail Büyükçelebi, İzzet Bilir, Ömer Kutlu, Reşit Haylamaz, Saadettin Başer, and Vedat Koçer enriched the participants’ perspectives. The spiritual atmosphere, filled with collective prayers and worship, brought the attendees closer, fostering a profound spiritual experience.

Throughout the camp, Quran and Cevsen readings contributed to the participants establishing a spiritual connection and strengthening their inner selves. Additionally, the tea gatherings during the camp established strong bonds of friendship among CTFC members.

The winter camp provided opportunities for various activities and allowed participants to spend more time with their families, particularly their children, during the family hour. Specially organized games and activities by expert volunteers ensured an enjoyable camp experience for the children during the conferences.

The CTFC Winter Camp, with its delectable treats and moments where families could spend quality time without the burden of meals and dishes, became one of the most cherished times shared with like-minded friends in the closing days of 2023.

This event offered an unforgettable experience for our esteemed CTFC members in terms of knowledge sharing and spiritual development and further united the CTFC community. We are looking forward to coming together again in the next spiritual camp program.

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