12 Jul

Homeschool Graduation

Nile Academy Homeschool students graduated with an enthusiastic ceremony this year. Parents of the students showed great interest in the graduation program, in which a total of 30 students graduated. Students sang Poems. Esat Gokçe, the principal of the school, gave a speech by giving his certificates. He talked about the importance of this homeschool education.

12 Jul

Eid-al-Adha Celebration

CTFC celebrated Eid-al-Adha at Boyd Conservation Park. There were around 2000 members all over the GTA. York Regional Police joined us to spend quality time with our member’s children. On behalf of CTFC, we thank York Regional Police. You made our day!!

08 Jun

Enes Kanter Visits Nile Academy

Enes Kanter visited Nile Academy in Toronto. Mentor Bridge and Infinity Development organized such a beautiful organization. The audience mostly consist of young people, who asked him lots of questions. We are very proud to have Enes Kanter in Toronto.

21 Feb

Mentorbridge Winter Camp

Mentor Bridge is delighted to announce that finally, we gathered and did a beautiful winter camp

with the efforts of our teams. We work with devotion and patience to achieve better in our activities and in our camps.

  • Evaluations, suggestions and criticisms of our parents, students, and mentors guiding us. We will make decisions by taking these into consideration in the programs we will carry out.
  • We held our camps in cottages.

We have made our program in 12 different homes.

  • Houses in different locations like Barrie, Hamilton, Niagara Falls, Zurich, Tiny.
  • In this way, our students have the opportunity to see different parts of Ontario.
  • Since the camp takes place in different places and houses, the activities also differ.

Table tennis, air hockey, table football, board game etc. offered.

Apart from this, there were also houses with hot tubs.

Lakeside walks, excursions around Niagara Falls too

The improvised theatre was played.

Movies were also watched in the houses accompanied by the fireplace.

Chatted around the campfire and read books.

  • Finally, as a result of the restrictions due to increasing Omicron cases,

The number of people who will make the program has been reduced.

  • Therefore, new cottages were rented.
  • A rented cottage was canceled due to Covid-19.
  • As a result of these, a total of 143 students, male and female, participated in the Mentor Bridge Winter Camp. Additionally, 4 of our students attend our camps online.
12 Jan

Youth Academy Children’s Fair

On November 27, 2021, our 5th and 6th-grade students at Weekend School, project name Youth Academy organized a Children’s Fair under the guidance of Ms Havle to help children living in foster care in Canada. After 2 months of planning and preparation, 14 of our students sold their handmade items, jewellery, toys and food at the fundraising. In addition, they kept the fund-raising area alive with activities such as face painting, balloon folding. The most interesting part of the fundraising was that the organizers, sellers and buyers were all our Weekend School students. At the end of the day, $2,024 was donated to children staying in the York area of ​​the Foster Parents Society of Ontario.

We are very happy to contribute to one of Canada’s social issues with such a social responsibility project.

13 Dec

Richmond Hill Weekend School

Finally, Richmond Hill Weekend School has started. We would like to thank the York Regional School Board for providing us with this location. If you have not joined us at the Richmond Hill location, give us a call soon as possible.