23 Jan

Help Us to Build a New Library


Canadian Turkish Friendship Community (CTFC) needs your help!

Here at CTFC we are working on establishing a new community library, but we can’t do it alone. We ask for your generosity in helping us create a new readers sanctuary for our community members. We are in need of donations for supplies such as books, bookshelves, computers, and/or other technical equipment.

In building our new library, our goal is to supply our community members with a variety reading material in order to encourage their literary proficiency. We also hope to provide them with adequate research sources. In our library we would like to establish a safe and peaceful environment for readers to unwind and lose themselves in a good book.

Please do your best to drop by any of your old books, bookshelves, or technical equipment that are still in working condition. We will also be accepting monetary donations. Your generosity is greatly appreciated.